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Onyx Aviation, LLC and it's partner, US Testing Equipment, LTD,  coordinates
Cargo Threat Assessment Training & Security Equipment Company.  We work
closely with U.S. Homeland Security in order to accomplish for our clients the
mandated Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007, which
requires 100 percent screening of cargo carried on passenger aircraft by
August 2010.  Onyx is a proven solution in this process with the ability to handle
your concerns from working
with trade groups to interfacing with the TSA.  We can help.  

Onyx has a Consulting Services Division to assist industry with the
introduction of new technologies in an effort to expedite the screening of high
volumes of cargo that need to be processed,  while addressing the need for
highly trained, technologically educated Screeners, in compliance with the law
and procedures.  Consulting specialties include SSI and Chain of Custody
Processes, CCSF Consulting Services, Audit and Compliance Consulting and
Document Management Consulting.  

Onyx is also a provider of cargo security screening services.  With a broad
background in the provision of airline pre-board passenger screening and
facility protection services, cargo screening services was a natural progression
for our experienced and fully trained Security Professionals.  Operating from its
clients’ facilities, Onyx can provide its customers with the most cost effective
independent means to address the cargo security screening mandate.   

Today, Onyx Aviation LLC, is a premier intermediary between the
TSA-CCSP, the equipment suppliers and the air cargo industry.  
The ability to provide all facets of both the “AP-IAC” and the “Order” screening
programs has made Onyx uniquely qualified to meet the needs of all levels of
the Air Cargo Industry.  Since the 100% deadline has past, Onyx continues to
work for its customers to maintain immediate operational TSA Compliance
and to remain on the cutting edge
of all  CCSP modifications and technologies.