Onyx Aviation Consulting, LLC
General Aviation Services

Onyx assists individuals and companies who are interested in
acquiring a single Fixed Base Operation or expanding their
existing chain of FBOs.  We work with our clients in targeting
complimentary FBOs in the market, perform an operational
proforma analysis and interface with the Buyers, Sellers, Airport
Administration and other aviation related agencies.

Onyx also assists Sellers by promoting and marketing
their aviation business.  Our experts pre-screen all potential
Buyers which saves our client's time and resources.  
Onyx streamlines the acquisition between Seller and Buyer,
making the purchase and exit strategies for both seamless.

Onyx provides a full menu of FBO and airport based business
reviews, including operational audits (Aircraft Refueling, A/C
Maintenance,A/C Avionics, A/C Charter, A/C Sales, Flight
Schools),workers’ compensation and accident claims analyses,
safety and security reviews, accounting procedure evaluations
and RFP (Municipal, State, Federal) response preparation.

Our experts review lease agreement, general liability policies,
routing agreements and other aviation legal agreements for
product comparisons which will bring direct results in cost
savings and proper overall coverage.   
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